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Enrolling at our school

Children entering a State Primary School in Queensland must be deemed eligible for enrolment by the Principal.
Documentary evidence:
The Department of Education requires evidence of the date of birth of the child. 
This evidence may take the form of any of the following:-
1.             An official Birth Certificate or extract.
2.             A newspaper cutting announcing the birth. Date to be shown.
3.             A certificate from a Doctor or Clergyman (provided the date of birth and the year is clearly stated).
Resource Scheme:
At Rasmussen SS, booklists are not published.    Our P&C has endorsed a Resource Scheme, where parents pay a fee and are supplied all books and stationery for the whole year. The resources will include all books and stationery required eg: exercise books, dictionary, pens/pencils, rulers, rubbers, coloured pencils, felt pens, glue etc.
Parents are required to pay a $100 fee towards the resource scheme.   Parents can approach the office to arrange a payment plan.   Payment plan includes: $25/term,  $5-$10 per fortnight.
If Parents pay the resource fee in FULL by the 3rd week of the start of the schooling year a discounted amount of $80 occurs.
If your child leaves midway through the school year and has paid the levy in full they will receive a partial refund based on remaining school terms. Eg: your child leaves Week 2 Term 2 a $40 refund, your child leaves Week 2 Term 3 a $20 will occur and your child will take his/her books with them when they leave.
Any student mistreating or abusing resources will be asked to replace the items.
Starting School:
 In Queensland, Prep is the first year of schooling. Children must be 5 by 30 June in the year they start Prep ( ). Prep is a full time program and children attend from Monday to Friday during normal school hours.
Starting Prep is an important time for all concerned. Children are often excited by their move from kindergarten to school, families are aware of their children growing up and educators often look forward to a new year with a new group of children. For many children and families, along with the excitement goes a sense of anxiety - a sense of not being exactly sure what will happen and what school will be like.
There are some simple steps you can take to help make your child's first day of Prep more enjoyable and relaxed.
·         Getting your child set for Prep ( ) 
·         How to get involved
Enrolment forms:
Are available at the office and can be completed  to a child actually attending school or can be accessed via the Rasmussen School website from the links below.
The completed enrolment form must be accepted by the Principal before students begin at the school.
Dress Code:
The Rasmussen State School Dress Code Policy has been developed in consultation with parents and caregivers, school staff, students and the Parents’ and Citizens’ Association.
The Rasmussen State School community endorses, supports and expects students to be in uniform.
Rasmussen State School requires all students to be in full school uniform when:
§  attending or representing the school,
§  travelling to and from school; and,
§  engaging in school activities out of school hours
Rasmussen is an accredited SUNSMART school.  Students must have a slouch hat, legionnaire’s hat or bucket hat for use in outdoor activities and play time.  Preferred hat colour is bottle green.  Rasmussen bucket hats are available for sale at the tuckshop.  NO HAT – NO PLAY Children who do not have a hat will be permitted to play under a roofed area, only.
The only jewellery permissible at school are the following items:  wristwatch, sleepers, small stud in earlobes only, and medical identification if required.  All jewellery must be removed during formal sporting activities e.g. netball, swimming, football, soccer, hockey etc.  (This has been mandated by Workplace Health and Safety regulations).   Students wearing jewellery other than permissible items will be required to remove it immediately or have clear accessories put in their place.  This will include facial piercings like nose and lip.   Supporter bands and wristbands are not permissible accessories for school.