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Behaviour management

At Rasmussen State School, we want everyone to be happy and feel safe. It is expected that everyone shall behave and follow our Code of Behaviour, this will help to ensure that no one is made unhappy or gets hurt. Children must take responsibility for their actions, our Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students asks children to be responsible for their behaviour. It encourages positives and has consequences for inappropriate behaviours. Teacher’s employ a wide range of strategies to manage children’s behaviour.
Rasmussen State School has become a “School Wide Positive Behaviour Support” School. Our Responsible Behaviour Plan is built around three key values. These are:
·         Being RESPONSIBLE
·         Being RESPECTFUL
·         Staying SAFE
SWPBS emphasises the use of preventative, teaching, and reinforcement-based strategies to achieve meaningful and durable behaviour outcomes. If this does not work then students are asked to see the teacher and then see the Principal/Deputy/HOSES. Consistent language and predictable consequences applied by all staff, at all times, in all locations in the school is key to the program's success with students. These expectations and consequences are also shared with parents. SWPBS forms the basis of a consistent whole-school system and supports the Department of Education, Training and Early Childhood priority to promote positive behaviour in schools. Through SWPBS, schools have access to the resources and tools they need to make evidence-based decisions about additional program and professional development needs for staff. SWPBS schools are more likely to achieve effective results from other programs and professional development such as the Department's Essential Skills for Classroom Management.
The active engagement of parents in meaningful activities in the school is important. Historically, family involvement in behaviour programming has occurred mainly at the level of individualised interventions for students with high support needs. SWPBS schools make a conscious effort to broaden the involvement of families at the school wide level, and have identified many activities in which parents can play an expanded and important role.